Appointments with MyTime

Save time and money: Get tires when it’s convenient for you with MyTime. Book services from anywhere! Appointments booked through MyTime can easily be rescheduled or canceled.    

Need Tire Balance?

Tire Vibration and Wheel Balance

Do your tires feel like this sometimes?   Does the steering wheel shake and shimmy on the highway? Can you hear a thumping nose? Does your car ride rough after the snow? It could be that your tires are simply out of balance. The winter is rough on tires: the little wheel weights that are clipped […]

Tire Service at home

Our Mobile Tire Shop Comes to You

At Kenwood Tire, we don’t just change tires, we change your tire buying experience. With the best customer service and pricing, we deliver and install your new tires at your home or office for a better price than a traditional tire store: Our mobile division offers complete mobile services, including mounting, high-speed balancing, tire repairs, rotation […]

If your car shakes after the snowstorm

Car Shakes on Highway

If your car has suddenly developed the shakes on the highway, and it never did before the #blizzardof2015, you’ve probably got ice and snow stuck on the inside of your wheel, and it’s throwing off the balance. The good news is that most of the time you can fix it yourself and don’t need to visit the tire […]

Pothole damage caused a bubble in tire sidewall

Pothole Damage – Who’s Responsible?

The dreaded pothole season is upon us again: And that innocent puddle or sheen you see in the road, could be the next nasty pothole, ready to swallow your car and sink your bank balance. Pothole damage is not cheap to fix: You might just need a wheel balance, or alignment, but when faced a […]


Years ago, when you needed tires, you’d show up at the local tire shop and they’d have the tires you needed on hand. In about an hour, you were cruising down the road on your new tires. It was easier back then. I remember when we had 20 tires sizes in stock, that covered 90% of cars! Today […]

Get the Tires Ready?

Here’s my top five tips for pounding the asphalt ahead: 1.  Use a Penny to check for tread depth. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible at any point in any major tread groove your tires should be replaced. 2.  Look at your tires. Look for any cracking, cuts, bubbles and irregular wear as a result of potholes etc. 3.  Check the spare. […]